Soul Food- Gifting a Giver

This month I have been juggling 2 faux finishing jobs. One is for a paying client, the other is a gift for a friend who has spent the last several years giving to others in a big way- creating a non-profit that offers Veterans holistic treatments free of charge.

Gayle grew up with the belief that”We must be a light to others. It takes only one candle to light a dark room. Yet from this one candle, a thousand more can be lit. A few may be extinguished, but they can always be relit.”

This is what her non profit Helios Warriors strives                                                 to do.
Although taking on this huge project has hurt her financially, the healing Gayle has witnessed in these veterans has kept her going.

“My whole life changed when I began doing this work. My father served in WWII and my brother in the Vietnam War. My experiences with the veterans at Helios Warriors have helped me to understand what my dad and brother went through.”

Some of the veterans who wanted to give back to this organization that has done so much for them, painted base coats on the wall along with me. I listened to their feedback when choosing colors and wall finishes to help me create a peaceful, healing atmosphere. And I have been blessed with hearing first hand some of their stories, which all have the common thread of “My life has been restored! I had all but given up before coming to Helios.”

People are surprised that I have taken on not just one room, but also the entry way and bathroom, and coordinated the painters and colors for the entire space. After all- it’s taking a lot of time that I could have given to paying jobs.

But you know what?
Giving back may not feed my body,
but it certainly feeds my soul.

Want to learn more about Helios Warriors?

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