ripples of love

The Chicago airport has a downstairs hallway with moving sidewalks going from one stairway to another. From one terminal, you take the escalator down to the moving sidewalks that take you to the up escalator to the next  terminal.

When I was a flight attendant, whenever I was in this “transfer area”, I would look at all the people on the moving sidewalk going by me in the other direction and saw faces of sleepiness, worry, deep thought and even emptiness.

One day, while I was making this passage from one gate to the next, I decided to try an experiment–so I threw “heart kisses” to as many of these strangers as I could. I did this by opening my heart and in my mind I threw a bubble of love their way. I had been hearing how powerful thought and intention can be and what happened in this moment was amazing!

The people I threw bubbles of love to would look startled and then their faces instantly relaxed and then start smiling!

But what really touched my heart was seeing the ripple effect that occured . As I turned to look at the people behind me, I noticed that some of them were watching these transformations and also started smiling and even giggling….

I couldn’t help but remember this beautiful memory last night as I watched the old movie “Pay it Forward.”  Such a simple act- sending a heart kiss to strangers, ignited a ripple of smiles through an airport transfer area.

Waking up this morning , I have a new intention. I will go through each day and as I find myself encountering others, I will open my heart and throw kisses to them.

And even if I may not  get to see any of the  ripples that occur,

is there really a better way to exist in the world-

than with my heart open in the vibration of love?



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  1. lynadawn says:

    If you feel your friends would enjoy bits of my journey, please do….

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