High Flying Dreams

As I watch the seagulls flying above me while I relax on the white ,
pristine sand of Daytona beach,
I think of how I’ve always wanted to be so light and free—to fly…
Who hadn’t?

Through out my life I have attempted to fly many times—-during my night dreams.
Yet every time I did, I was trying to get away from a dark energy–bad dream people.
I would either not be able to fly high enough and they would catch me,
or I would get high, but they would stretch up like “Gumby” and grab me…..

A Pelican is hovering over the ocean ..
and suddenly makes a nose dive into the blue water to catch his lunch.
It reminds me of a dream I had in my 20′s.

I am walking along a beach quite like this one,
When a big cartoon looking baby huey type Pelican waddles up to me.
He asks if I want to fly with him-
I climb into his beak, and we barely keep from grazing the beach as we go.
How frustrating!
GO HIGHER! I pleaded-
“Ah”-the pelican replied: ” you need to overcome your fears
and work on healing your past pains before you
will be light enough to fly high…”
How profound is that!?

As 2 young men walk by me, I reflect on a dream I had several years later….

I was walking on a dirt road with tall, green trees on either side, enjoying my day. Suddenly I hear voices , turn and see 2 young men a short distance behind me, talking.

Although I am not afraid of them, I have the desire to fly off and not be seen.
To my amazement, I start lifting up higher and higher in the sky
I hear one of the guys say “Look at her, she’s flying…maybe she can teach us how “

When I woke up, I realized that my life was at a turning point:

This dream showed me that I have grown from all the years I’ve  worked on discovering who I am and  learning to love myself…..

And although I may not be able to flap my arms and fly with the birds,
I now  wake up every morning and let my heart soar-
truly grateful for the joys and beauty each day offers.

Do you have a turning point you’d like to share?




About lynadawn

Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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2 Responses to High Flying Dreams

  1. Nancy Rose says:

    Close to 20 years ago, a friend suggested a book called “Celestine Prophecy”. I read it in one reading, I couldn’t put the book down. I then went out and bought all the books I could find by that author. It was everything I was looking for and believed in. That was a start of a 10 year learning curve. And I haven’t been the same since. And I love it!

    • lynadawn says:

      Ah – James Redfield—yes, his books resonate with me as well.
      And I find as I raise my vibrations, life becomes easier and more joyful.
      Thank you for your turning point.

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