Heartfelt Moments-A Duck Tale

A few weeks ago I wrote my new mantra in my journal:

Let me be a Blessing to Someone Today.

Little did I know the impact these words would have.

After going to a consultation, I went to Earthfare to get myself an Yerba Matte latte- and as I was headed back to my car, I noticed a small crowd in the corner of the building. They were watching a mother duck and her 7 very small babies.

I found out that a lady named Julie had found them in the parking lot headed toward the major highway–and that the male duck had died from a car hitting it. Why mama duck gave birth here with so much concrete and not in a place with grass and water was a mystery, but it was obvious that they had little chance of getting to a safe place without our help.

Have you ever tried to capture a scared bird?

Julie called the office that took care of the local lake  in South Asheville and they called their “duck lady” Mary-who was on her way to the lake. When she arrived where we were, she had a cat kennel with her, but unfortunately not a net. So the 6 of us that couldn’t leave until we knew the ducks were safe, decided to gather around the “family” as they crouched together in the corner. As we shuffled as one unit, we bent over each other forming  layers of arms and bodies.

All of a sudden moma bird tried to fly away- through the arms of the gal below me and right up at me–it happened so fast…but I caught her!


As Mary held unto her, the rest of us scrambled to collect the 7 ducklings who were now running in all directions. They were so small and so soft we had to be careful not to hurt them.

With moma and her kids now safely in the cat carrier, we all took our cars -in convoy style- to the lake to welcome them to their new home.

It was so beautiful to see mom take off for the water with all 7 of them close at her rump- like the train of a wedding dress…and I was able to see first hand that ducks are born knowing how to swim.

Julie had her mother and daughter with her through this and Mary and I stood and spoke with them for a while. Mary shared stories of the ducks she needed to help on the lake and Julie shared memories of growing up in the country with her mom helping so many different animals – and being such a role model to her that Julie is now able to do the same for her daughter.

A few days later I returned to the lake  to see if I could find my family of ducks. I sat on the bench and within a few minutes they swam toward me- moma and all 7 . Moma came out of the water up to me looking straight into my eyes. After a few seconds, she quaked twice as if to say “Thank you” and led her kids  back out in the lake.

As I watched them slowly swin happliy away, I thought about the beautiful ladies I had met through this.  Mary, Julie and her mom all live  through their hearts on a daily basis, putting aside their own schedules when they see a call for help.

Since I’ve been asking for my heart to open up completely,  I’ve been meeting more people who’s heart are.

And now when I asked to be a blessing to someone— in the end I was the one who received the biggest blessing.







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