Heartfelt Lessons from my Cat

About 6 months after I moved into my cottage across from the Blue Ridge Parkway;  I was walking from my back door to my workshop, when this young Tortieshell cat came out of nowhere,  jumped into my arms and started licking me all over….

Wow- how unusual! My own 4 spoiled fur kids don’t even do that…..

Needless to say, Gizi became my outdoor cat. I built a mudroom off my back door so she’d have shelter,  yet could come and go as she pleased…

Well almost.

You see, all my cats thru the years have stayed inside so I would always know they were safe. So when Gizi came in for her evening meal, I would lock her cat door so she’d be in for the night where the raccoons, foxes and other night wanderers couldn’t harm her.

But Gizi  had other plans….she stopped coming home in the evenings and I was forced to go to bed and  ”trust” that she knew what she was doing…..

About a week later, I was surprised to see her back in her room, asking for her evening meal…

“Gotcha tonight” I exclaimed  as I bent down to lock the cat door….

Incredible—the lock was broken—had Gizi found  a way to do this?

I began to realize that this little cat had come to me to teach me  not only to trust, but to let go of control……..

It’s been 8 years since Gizi became a part of my life and the bond we have is amazing….she sends me pictures of where she is when she is accidentally locked up or stuck somewhere, and has even come to me in the dreamtime, when she was missing for 4 days.  Gizi has been a warrior that protects her property from other animals and  has left me gifts of rodents she’s killed…….

3 months ago Gizi was shot and had to have her leg amputated.

I can’t imagine living without a leg- how will she handle this?

To my surprise, she found her balance pretty quickly and as she gets stronger, she not only runs around the house; but I’ve seen her throw her toy up in the air and jump on her 3 legs to catch it!

Very entertaining!

This amazing, beautiful creature is now teaching me to get balance in my life and to learn to adapt to whatever life throws my way.

Although no longer a  warrior,  Gizi is doing just that as she is enjoying her new role as Princess of the house.

About lynadawn

Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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12 Responses to Heartfelt Lessons from my Cat

  1. Julie Dexter says:

    Wonderful, Lyna! Yes, animals are such important teachers if we would just watch & learn. I am so happy that you have found Gizi’s teachings! Thank you for posting this! All best to you, dear friend! ….and to Gizi!
    Julie XXOO

  2. dershie says:

    love this…she’s beautiful

  3. Cindy says:

    I have two cats, both who came to me unsolicited. I could write a book on what I’ve learned from my cats! It almost seems they (cats) are sent to us, or seek us out for a reason.

  4. lynadawn says:

    I ‘d read your book Cindy—-
    and you can add stories from others who have some to share.

  5. Very inspiring!
    Great to meet you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge!
    My dog has been a great teacher to me, too!

  6. Regina says:

    Gizi is a yumminess! I would have to learn to let go as well. I remember well when Gizi was shot — am so happy she came through beautifully. Big hugs to both you and all the fur babies!

  7. Fantastic Blog – thanks so much for sharing! I’m a cat lover – I have two, Athena and Artemis – I adore my cats, but I too have an out door cat – very similar in color to yours – my son named her Mustard, after a story he read. She has been with us for seven years and she is wonderful, and faithful and takes no guff – she is a wonderful teacher and I admire her spunk. Thanks again for sharing – best regards, Sandy.

  8. lynadawn says:

    Hi Sandra-
    Gizi still never ceases to amaze me..the other day I sat with her and told her that she needed her rabies shot- especially because we have been adopted by a Huge badger who lives under our back porch.
    When I got the cat carries down from the attic and opened the door, Gizi got right inside and settled down – ready for her tri to the vet!

    BTW- tell your son I think Mustard is a cool name for a cat! :)

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