Have you ever had a Heartgasm?

I was on my walking meditation today when all of a sudden I felt my heart expand and waves of love and joy and bliss  exploded all through me —
what an amazing gift — I felt kissed by the universe.

This reminds me of an event that happened to me when I was a flight attendant. My crew had a 2 hour layover in Chicago -  I discovered when we were in the courtesy van to our hotel in Savannah, that my purse was missing–it must have fallen out of my pocketbook in Chicago’s crew lounge.

Yet, I didn’t have that fearful sunken feeling of dread  that usually comes with such discoveries … instead I felt like I was being hugged and felt very strongly  that everything would be ok.

At the hotel I called the Chicago crew lounge and asked them to hold my purse for my return there the next day. The lounge attendant returned from checking the area where I had sat and said that my purse was not there. Yet I was shown very clearly in  in my mind–it had somehow fallen between the crack of chairs and was not seen without moving them apart. So I relayed this to the attendant and sure enough, she found my purse  and held it for me.

But my story doesn’t end there …

The next morning I walked to a small coffee shop and sat outside with my latte and scone to enjoy the beautiful , clear sunny day–still feeling grateful for my purse being found. I felt the urge to look up at the sky—and in that moment, a huge cloud broke apart to form a perfect outline of a heart….

My story gets better …

As I started to walk back to the hotel to get ready for our flight, a gust of wind picked up and right in front of me,  what appeared to be a 4 ft piece of cardboard tumbled by—it was a big red heart….

Unbelievable! Like a double kiss from the universe!

In the hotel, as I started to put my uniform on, I had the urge to turn on the TV to have some noise….

suddenly I heard the haunting sound of a flute in the most beautiful melody….it was a superboy episode . As I listened, the flute player- a young girl said to superboy….

The universe is alive …and if you trust it- really trust it, it will treat you better then you can treat yourself—it will help you fly….

I am so grateful for that message that summarized perfectly what had happened when I found my purse missing….

Since then, when ever I feel  something is upsetting ,or that I have no control over a situation,

I reach for that memory —-and choose to trust …..

About lynadawn

Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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12 Responses to Have you ever had a Heartgasm?

  1. I now have chills! I have had a few times similar to your experience but never that many strong signs in a 24 hour period! Thank you so much for sharing….starting my day with trust!

  2. debra disman says:

    HeARTfelt! Gratitudes for sharing this story…I think you should collect them, and publish a book!
    Yes, I have had my own version of that type of event…even the tiny things are significant, and heART warming!\

  3. Linh says:

    Nice ideas! I have been browsing for things like this for a time now. With thanks!

  4. Mamie says:

    It is difficult to get advised individuals within this issue, you be understood as you are aware of exactly what you are dealing with! Thanks

  5. Thanks for the interesting information. Subscribe to rss

  6. lynadawn says:

    Thankyou, Chisinau for taking time to read about my heartfelt experience….

  7. Jeff says:

    …that is absolutely beautiful!! Yes, yes, yes!

    • lynadawn says:

      LOL- so you have had heart orgasm?
      Thank you for reading this, Jeff–
      let me know when you’d like to do a guest blog post …or. 2..or 3…

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