Can a TV show help change the world?

Even as a young girl, I used to question things in life that seemed unfair.

For example, why do men who get to play ball for a living make millions of dollars, when people who work in filthy, unsafe places like steel factories and coal mines (which are important to keep our nation going) barely make enough to feed their families?

And why don’t wealthy people show more compassion and do more for those who struggle?

SO when I heard about the reality TV show “Secret Millionaire,” I just had to see it.

Each episode features a millionaire who disquises him /herself as someone who is filming a documentary on volunteering- goes into a poor area of the country, stays in a low income house with only the amount of welfare money (app $40-$60) to live on for  6 days . His/her mission is to find and volunteer at 2 or 3 places that work toward making the life of those living in that area , a better place.

Many of these givers seem to be catered to keeping kids from getting into trouble, some toward feeding the homeless, or cleaning huge amounts of trash off the streets.

At the end of the week, the millionaire then donates thousands of  dollars to each of these “charities” , according to how he/she was affected by them.

Yet this is not just another feel good show. There are several reasons why I love it so much:

1 – “Secret Millionaire” allows me to FEEL  how life is for so many people who have been finacially hurt by the economy or other means. This helps me not only appreciate my own life more, but opens my heart in a bigger way  to those less fortunate.

2-The show inspires me to volunteer and find ways to give back even more  in my own community..

2-The show allows the charities and  do-gooders to have much needed exposure that may bring them funding . Many of the founders have dedicated their lives to helping others even if they have little income themselves.

3-Most of all, each episode shows me how the millionaire becomes affected by their time helping others in this “up close and personal” way. They start to break their own emotional barriers and open  their hearts more.

The experience brings them emotionally closer to their own families and friends, and gives them a new perspective in what’s really important . A few even said that they now realize that they were never happier then during this week when they were helping others in this way- so much that they are downsizing their “toys” and spending time mentoring some of the people they bonded with while volunteering.

I’d like to think that the “Secret Millioniare” is helping to change the unbalance of the world .

And it’s about time.

What are your thoughts?





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One Response to Can a TV show help change the world?

  1. debra disman says:

    Every bit helps…chere Lyna…have to believe that.
    Thank you for the post…and upping our awareness…

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