Annie Sloan does it again

I’ve always loved painting furniture. It brings me back to a time of innocence- me at age 12, tired of my old hand- me- down wooden dresser, painting it outside on a hot summer day with the only 2 colors we had in the house- green and orange, both neon. It wasn’t the best paint job- I didn’t know about primer back then-


But I did it and I was proud of it.
So this week, as I was refinishing 6 dining room chairs for a client, I found myself thinking back to that summer day and realizing just how wonderful this new paint brand I was using is. With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, no priming and no sanding is needed- and it sticks to just about everything!

Annie Sloan has been a faux finishing icon- having been on the leading edge of this industry with several books devoured by us artists in the trade- and she has once again brought us something new at a time when the down swing of the economy has affected so many. DIYers are chomping at the bit to create beautiful furniture of their own, and the professionals are looking for ways to cut costs to offer their clients better rates.

But what I love most about Annie and her chalk paint, is the opportunity she gives the faux finisher to “get off the wall” and be part of her team. Many of my co-horts are now opening boutique studios where they teach, sell ASCP  and paint furniture for their clients and unique pieces to sell to the public. Recently I visited 2 such studios-Laine Discepolli’s – Misselaineous in Cinncinnati and Debbie Dion Hayes- Faux Design Studio in Greensboro, NC. Both studios are warm and inviting with an artsy feel and after both visits I went back to my “workshop/paint storagebuilding” and started thinking :

“Ah- to be one of Annie’s girls- to belong to the amazing, growing network of stockists worldwide- that share ideas, support each other and get together with Annie each year—and to teach DIYers once again. You see, I started my faux finishing career teaching DIYers at established places like John Campbell Folk School and even wrote 2 Books for that genre–”Unfinished Furniture” and “Creative Wallpaper”.  It would be a hoot to teach them  with such a user friendly paint. And there will be more opportunities for growth as Annie introduces new product ideas.

So-I really did-  I thought of finding a town that hasn’t gotten the ASCP bug yet and jumping at the chance to become part of all this.

Annie, I was really tempted.

Then I realized that I would have to leave  the magical mountains of Asheville.

Need I say more?

I’d love to hear your stories of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint…



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Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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2 Responses to Annie Sloan does it again

  1. Melissa Riche says:

    Hi Lyna – Melissa Riche here, I do PR for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (and her other lines) here in the USA (and I’m also a Brit like Annie and maybe you?). Thank you for your post, it’s so reflective of the whole Annie Sloan community. . I wouldn’t want to leave Asheville either – my husband and I love North Carolina and fell in love with Asheville in particular!

    • lynadawn says:

      Hi Melissa- wow- you do Annie’s PR? You are doing a great job!
      I had interviewed Annie on Artistically SPeaking right before her chalk paint came to America and am so inspired by her. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next in her tool box. :)

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