A Rite of Passage


My friend Wendee became a flight attendant when she was 50 years old. That was about 20 years ago and I’ll never forget the day I met her- a small, petite woman with short silver/white hair and a glint in her eye.

We soon became like sisters, even though she is a good 20 or so years older than me and we started bidding trips together. Did you see the movie Thelma and Louise? That was us!

Wendee was renting her house in Seattle and moved to San Francisco where we were based with United Airlines. I was commuting from Portland, Oregon and her place became my “stew pad.” . One day about a year later, Wendee decided to move back to Seattle and asked if I’d move there also and be her house mate.

Can you picture 2 tiny gals in the middle of San Fran looking at the huge Ryder truck filled with Wendee’s things?


“I’m not going to drive that thing- you drive it!” “No- YOU drive it!”

Somehow Wendee got up the nerve and took the wheel and had so much fun driving it, that I decided to take a turn. Pretty soon we were fighting for the keys! LOL

It was an amazing trip up Hwy 101 , through Ashland Oregon, to Portland where we collected my things and up to Seattle…..


Shortly after, I left flying to move back east to spend time with my Dad before he passed away .

I’d been living in Asheville for about 10 years, when Wendee retired, sold her Seattle home and headed around the country in her 26′ RV. When she got to Western NC she called me up, announced “I’m here” and never left.

And now in her 70′s, Wendee is ready to get back to Seattle where her kids have all returned to, while she is still capable of the long trip .

So I’m about to help Wendee  drive her 3 small animals and her belongings across the country.

But this is more than a road trip-

I am about to embark on a Rite  of Passage with my dear friend.

And in keeping the spirit of that Lyna of 20 years ago,  whip up the courage of traveling across country in a big Penske truck …

to have what may end up being my final adventure with this lady who has shared so much of my life…..


About lynadawn

Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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2 Responses to A Rite of Passage

  1. Jane Drew says:

    You are a good friend to take time out of your busy life to share this adventure with her….have a great time and a safe trip!

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