A Random Act of Kindness

A few years ago, I created a mantra that I repeated every morning:

“Open my heart completely , that I may have deep compassion for all things  and so I may live to be of service to others.”

And suddenly, ways to do this were presented to me…such as learning about a heart practice (  www.open-your-heart.org   ) where you sit in silence and look inward to your (spiritual) heart and smile at it. Such a simple thing to do- but a powerful way to shift your energy.

One morning after taking time to sit with my heart in this way, I was headed to my job site and I came to a busy intersection. I had to stop as the light turned red. I noticed that the car across the light from me was wanting to turn left and realized by the drivers expression, that he was frustrated and had most likely sat through more than this light. (There was no turn arrow for him and a continuous steady stream of cars going straight with the right of way).

So when the light turned green, I waved him on to make his left hand turn before I went- and it took him a few seconds to realize that he could finally go. In those few moments, time altered for me–and I saw 2 things happen at once.


One was the frustrated man waiting through another light-  getting to work late and being in a bad mood, yelling at his coworker and loosing a client , going home and not being responsive to his family.


At the same time, I saw the man -now thankful to get to work on time- have a smile on his face, laugh with his coworker, win over the client and go home and have a fun evening with his wife and kids.

What a gift I was given to be able to see this!

It helped me  realize how a random act of kindness CAN create ripples of joy to someone’s life, and even change it.

Has someone touched your life with a random act of kindness?

Please share in the comment box below…..


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Faux finisher certified w/ City and Guilds of London Dec Art and Restoration. Author, teacher, consultant, co-host Artistically Speaking Radio Show. Also creative brainstormer, love to laugh, latte anyone?
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2 Responses to A Random Act of Kindness

  1. Cindy says:

    When someone does something thoughtful in traffic, like letting you turn, it’s always so pleasant. They’re anonymous and so have no motive for praise. It simply means there’s a kind soul in the universe who wants peace in the world even on that tiny scale. Thumbs up for that!

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