An Opportunity to be Featured

When I started “In the Creative Spirit”,  my goal was to let my peeps read a monthly post on my journey of opening my heart more.

One post a month doesn’t seem like much of a goal in the blogging world, yet as a ” hands on” decorative artist, my “office” time is limited- and when I’m home, I want to be totally present for my sweet man.

Lately my business has been more demanding of my time, and the last few posts have been stretched over 2 months….and now that I am newly appointed as an executive board member of  the International Decorative Artist League, ( I have committed to also write a monthly article on Artisphere- our online magazine.

So needless to say, my time to write about my heartfelt, spiritual journey has to be put on the back burner for now.

This is not easy for me- yet as I grow older, I find that I can be less hard on myself for self invoked disappointments — and learning from my 3 legged cat’s lessons on adaptation (blog post from Oct 2011)- I have come up with a way to be ok with this.

You see, I’ve always gotten more satisfaction from utilizing my talents in a way of giving back. And because I’ve always been interested  in the choice of charities to support that each individual makes, my Artisphere articles “In the Heart of Faux” will feature various decorative artists and their contribution to nonprofits—a bit on the local charity, why they chose it- (there seems to always be a story behind it) and photos of the art work they did.

And  although I’m sad that my blog will be on a hiatus, I realize that “The Heart of Faux” is also about the journey of opening your heart- so  I can post those articles here as well for others to enjoy and be touched by.

Do you have a project you’ve done or are doing for a local charity that you’d like to have featured in Artisphere Online? Think about it- it won’t only promote your art, but also bring exposure to the nonprofit!

Please leave a comment below or contact me at:


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Gifts of insights

My sweet man has never liked spiders. Although their webs are beautiful and creative, I think he sees them more as an evil device for trickery and death.

So when he kept seeing the gigantic black booby trap maker peeking out from the bamboo stalk – a spider that I could never see, may I add – my sweet man couldn’t help but bemoan the fact to me.

“Maybe the spider has a message for you” I said. Then I shared with him one of many events that I’ve had where an animal has given me an insight.

One day many years ago, I was taking one of my walks down a country road, wondering why my marriage at the time was ending and feeling like society would see me as a failure. Suddenly two squirrels ran across the road. They both made a complete stop right in front of me. One of them turned around and ran back the way it came. The other turned – watching it leave…hesitated for a few seconds..looked at me…then turned back around an continued running across the road.

Then I heard – in the stillness of the moment-

“You are not a failure.  Although the squirrels were traveling together, one squirrel wanted to go back to what he knows. The other wanted to forge ahead to new adventures.  Isn’t that like you and your husband? You can stay behind with him and be held back, or you can part ways and keep growing….”

When I finished telling him this story, my sweet man went outside. When he came back in, he told me that he saw the big, black spider again. But this time he asked it for it’s message.  And this spider that he feared offered him an insightful gift of inspiration – a poem!

I saw your reflection
in a drop of dew
magnificently suspended
in gentle glisten
enhancing art
with your gift
to a poetic spider
-Michael McGuirt

Funny thing-  my sweet man no longer fears the spider, but he has not seen it since that day!


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Letting Go

I have lived in Asheville for 20 years this coming month-

Me! The girl who moves every 3 years- just ask mom. This is why she claims she never moved close to me. LOL

So when I posted on my FB page last week;    “so- my house is big enough for my sweet man, but not his stuff…..looks like a move is eminent…..should we stay in Asheville? Or perhaps start a new adventure somewhere in the world? Hmmmm”-     this is really a question I take to heart.

Asheville is a town like no other- it is accepting of most things and unaffected to some extent by the rest of the world. (I can share story after story to explain this statement, but that’s for another post)

Through these past 20 years, whenever the wonderlust came over me, I’d hear a whisper in my ear: “you can’t leave yet”, and rather than ponder why not, I’d think of all the things I wanted in the place I live …and realize that Asheville had them all.

Yet lately I’ve been having subtle paradym shifts about my life.

In my last post, I wrote about my decision to drive a 16 ft Penske truck to help my 72 year old friend move back to the state of Washington. What I came to realize during this 11 day trek across the country is how much Asheville has caught up with alot of the world in that it is growing to a faster pace….and I am longing for the Asheville of 20 years ago.

As I passed through the small towns like Hot Springs, AK; Kanab, Utah and La Conner, Wa where Wenzella is now living, I felt like time had slowed down and the people at these places were enjoying life without checking their watches or constantly spending time in cyber space.

When I returned home and realized that my sweet man and I will eventually need to make a move to a house bigger than my 875 sq ft bungalow, I can’t help but think about finding a smaller town to start our new life together…….

So after days of checking out homes for sale on the outskirts of Asheville as well as those in smaller towns across the country that appeal to us, I realize that -ironically- I need to slow down…..after all, we are not in a position to make any moves this red hot minute. And I’ve been forgetting that I’ve  always believed that things happen at the perfect time.

I need to let go and let God.

I need to just appreciate all that I still love about Asheville. And the more I do, even more things to love about Asheville will come my way.

In fact, they already have.

And when the time is right to find our new , bigger home, the right place will be there waiting for us. …the whisper in my ear told me so!









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A Rite of Passage

My friend Wendee became a flight attendant when she was 50 years old. That was about 20 years ago and I’ll never forget the day I met her- a small, petite woman with short silver/white hair and a glint in her eye.

We soon became like sisters, even though she is a good 20 or so years older than me and we started bidding trips together. Did you see the movie Thelma and Louise? That was us!

Wendee was renting her house in Seattle and moved to San Francisco where we were based with United Airlines. I was commuting from Portland, Oregon and her place became my “stew pad.” . One day about a year later, Wendee decided to move back to Seattle and asked if I’d move there also and be her house mate.

Can you picture 2 tiny gals in the middle of San Fran looking at the huge Ryder truck filled with Wendee’s things?

“I’m not going to drive that thing- you drive it!” “No- YOU drive it!”

Somehow Wendee got up the nerve and took the wheel and had so much fun driving it, that I decided to take a turn. Pretty soon we were fighting for the keys! LOL

It was an amazing trip up Hwy 101 , through Ashland Oregon, to Portland where we collected my things and up to Seattle…..


Shortly after, I left flying to move back east to spend time with my Dad before he passed away .

I’d been living in Asheville for about 10 years, when Wendee retired, sold her Seattle home and headed around the country in her 26′ RV. When she got to Western NC she called me up, announced “I’m here” and never left.

And now in her 70′s, Wendee is ready to get back to Seattle where her kids have all returned to, while she is still capable of the long trip .

So I’m about to help Wendee  drive her 3 small animals and her belongings across the country.

But this is more than a road trip-

I am about to embark on a Rite  of Passage with my dear friend.

And in keeping the spirit of that Lyna of 20 years ago,  whip up the courage of traveling across country in a big Penske truck …

to have what may end up being my final adventure with this lady who has shared so much of my life…..


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A Choice that Changed my Life

Today is Mr Doodles birthday.

As I drove by the small area with a creek that I found him and his 4 siblings near 15 years ago, I realized that life is all about choices.

What if my boyfriend Derick and I had not chosen to turn around and collect these kittens to find them good homes?

They were only a few weeks old and very sweet–that is- until we put out food for them. Although there  had been the creek to drink from, it was obvious that they hadn’t eaten for quite a while and there is nothing sweet about baby  animals fighting for food.

We found good homes for 3 of the kittens. Derick wanted to keep the 2 gray ones- Po and Doodles. Because he was in a place that didn’t allow pets, I offered to keep them while he found a place to live that did.

Needless to say, Po and Doodles made me a lady with 4 inside cats.

In 2005, Po developed  an infection and that year I spent a lot of time and money trying to heal him until he passed on. In 2006 and 2008 my older girls went to Rainbow Bridge as well.

And then there was just Doodles.

Through all those years, I never really spent much time with him. Doodles was either sleeping on a closet shelf or shadowing and loving up to  his favorite older sister Liliput. So I never really got to know him until the others- who all wanted my attention were no longer here.

So now I think about choices and how if I had not made the choice to go back for those abandoned kittens 15 years ago- if they even  survived – they would probably have lived a ferrel life-scavaging for food and never knowing love.

I never would have  gone through such an agonizing year caring for my dying “fur kid” Po, who I still grieve for from time to time.

And I never would have come to know how a furry animal could help me come through some real emotional low months in my life.

Doodles- you may not give me backrubs, or make me dinner, but you bring me so much joy.You spoon with me every night, you wait eagerly for me to come home every day and you’ve taught me how to be vulnerable to love.

I’m so glad I made the choice I did that day I found you.

Happy Birthday Mr. Doodles

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